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Iron Horse is accepting submissions for our annual single-author issue. For the 2020 Chapbook Competition, we will select a winning collection of FICTION: a novella, or four to five ten-page stories, or a collection of flash stories or some similar set-up, but all FICTION. We are not accepting hybrids this year.

Manuscripts should be 40 - 56 pages, double-spaced, each story or chapter starting on a new page. The winning manuscript will be published in the Fall of 2020  as a separate issue (Volume 22.4). Full-color cover art will reflect the collection’s content and emphasize its title, not the name of Iron Horse.  The published chapbook will look like the single-author book that it  is. The winner also receives a $1,000 honorarium and 15 copies.

This year's judge is Kerry Beth Neville. To learn more about her, visit our website.

Formatting Instructions: 

Entries  must be between 40 and 56 manuscript pages, with each story or chapter starting on a new page. 

Manuscripts must be typed, with one-inch  margins, 12-point font. 

While individual portions of the chapbook may  have been published elsewhere, the chapbook as a whole must be  previously unpublished. 

The author’s name and contact information must  appear on the Submittable form, but it must NOT appear anywhere on the  manuscript. There should be no footers or headers containing the  author's identity. And no bio page. Manuscripts with biographical information will be disqualified. 

Do not include acknowledgments of previous publications. Manuscripts including an  acknowledgments page will be disqualified. 

Pages must be numbered.

We  only accept electronic manuscripts, submitted as ONE pdf file, with the entire chapbook in that single file. Do NOT submit essays or stories in individual files. 

Entries failing to meet formatting instructions will be automatically disqualified.

The $18 entry fee includes a one year's subscription to IHLR. 

Submissions will be accepted between January 13 and  March 15.
Additional questions should be directed to the editors at ihlr.mail@gmail.com.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.