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Additionally, because we cannot access our supplies, printer, or back stock at the moment, we will NOT be sending out new issues or fulfilling purchases until the shelter-in-place rules are lifted. We will honor all purchases as soon as we can. Spring 2020 issues will be released then, as well. Thank you for your patience. 

Iron Horse Literary Review has been in print for 20 years! In that time, we've published 76 issues, including 825 poems, 207 stories, and 97 essays. 

Here, in this double issue, we're including our most beloved selections: our favorite 7 stories, 4 essays, and 26 poems:

  • Best of IHLR Fiction: shane castle | aaron gwyn | gina ochsner | lucas southworth | e.m. tran | anne valente | kennedy weible   
  • Best of IHLR Nonfiction: lina maria ferreira cabeza-vanegas | gary fincke | elizabeth horneber | michelle valois
  • Best of IHLR Poetry: nin andrews | lauren berry | nickole brown | m. soledad caballero | ching-in chen | tiana clark | chad davidson | erica dawson | stephen dunn | ryler dustin | jaclyn dwyer | carolina ebeid | bob hicok | carrie jerrell | tyehimba jess | ted kooser | barbara lau | li-young lee | paige lewis | juan j. morales | cecily parks | katie peterson | carl phillips | saara myrene raappana | karrie waarala | afaa michael weaver


Celebrate with us! Read this double issue, featuring these terrific writers, and learn how we selected the works we've included--which will give "insider" insight into our overall preferences and editorial selection process!

Leslie Jill Patterson, Editor

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