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We've just released our 2020 chapbook winner, Brigitte Lewis's Origin Stories.

About this beautiful chapbook by Brigitte Lewis, the 2020 judge, Kerry Beth Neville, wrote: “I read Origin Stories with enormous pleasure from the first to the last sentence. Origin Stories is an intimate, ambitious and witty collection that delves into the tangled domestic lives of famous Biblical couples: Adam and Eve (wife #2), Lot and Edith, David and Bathsheba, Samson and Delilah, and Adam (again) and Lilith (wife #1). In ‘Adam + Eve + Eukaryotes,’ the first story of the collection, Adam asks Eve, ‘Don’t you think we’re in this story together?’ This double-negative query reveals Adam’s hope for Eve’s easy reassurance. After all, she is born of his rib so forever of his body. Eve, however, cryptically responds, ‘I know who I am.’ This brief Q & A echoes across this collection. I love the surprising and satisfying way these stories interrogate our mythical and mundane meet-cute beginnings, where men are ‘raised to be earthquakes’ and women are ‘raised to be split.’ The author is acutely observant of how we have been shaped and misshaped by our desires and shame, fidelities and infidelities, and independence and interdependence since our first self-conscious naked longings for each other. 

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